How to Play Sic Bo

Sic Bo is a game that has been winning fans in land and online casinos at a rapid pace. It is a fast, free-flowing game similar in many ways to craps, except that SicBo uses three dice as opposed to two. While this doesn’t make the game any more difficult to play, it does give rise to many more individual betting possibilities as compared to craps, and thus players have to think about the best configuration for meeting their gambling objectives. One of the main positives is that its house edge is comparably lower than many rival casino games, making it easier to strike on a profitable strategy than some of the other tried and tested casino favorites.Learn Sic Bo

Whether you play it online or at a land casino, the Sic Bo rules are largely similar – as is the route to a successful gaming bankroll. So what are the basics of this intriguing game, and how can you strive to become more successful as you play this game, both in ‘real life’ and online?

How To Play Sic Bo: The Rules

The rules of this game are fairly straightforward, with the only real complexity lying in the different types of bets that are available for those playing on the roll of the dice. All you need to understand in order to learn to play Sic Bo is that bets are placed before the roll of the dice, and that you place a bet by laying chips as appropriate on the table layout. The dealer, will then shake the dice in a closed cage or other container before revealing the winning numbers as the dice are rolled. The winning numbers are fed into the system, which then indicates on the table layout the winning numbers – of course, in online versions of the game, this happens automatically on screen, such are the wonders of technology!

When the bets have been placed, the dice have been rolled and the outcomes declared, all bets are collected or settled up by the dealer before moving on to the next roll. It is up to the individual player to mind his or her own chips, including ensuring they collect their winnings and make bets appropriately – even where this is initially handled by the dealer.

In general, there are a number of different classifications of bet that can be considered in SicBo, reflective of the different opportunities available for dice roll outcomes. These can be broadly broken down into:

How to Play Sic BoSingles: Bets on any single number outcome.

Doubles: Bets on any double number outcome.

Triples: Bets on any triple number outcome (offering the highest paying odds).

Combinations: Bets on any particular combination of two numbers rolled of the three dice, with payouts at variable odds.

Big/Small: Small is a bet on the numbers 4 through 10 as the total value of the roll, whereas Big is a bet on 11 to 17. Any triple roll and the bet loses, pays out at even money.

Practice Makes Perfect

free-sicboAfter exploring the rules, many players that would like to learn how to play Sic Bo will be itching to get their first taste of action. There are a number of online casinos that offer this game, and the number is ever increasing as the game wins more fans worldwide. Those that are playing and betting for the first time might want to check out some of the free Sic Bo games online, in order to get a feel for how the game moves and the rules in practice. These demo and free play versions of this game help even first time players get to grips with how the game is played. They can even allow you to try and make a profit before starting to deposit your money, so you’ve got the best possible odds in your favor when you do eventually start playing for real.

Take advantage of no deposit bonus offers to enjoy free games for cash prizes, and the range of free no deposit SicBo sites is also swelling. These versions are the ideal training ground for anyone looking to become a prolific SicBo player.

Knowing The Odds and Structuring Your Play

Sic Bo differs from a number of casino games in that the house edge is fairly slim (2.78% as opposed to over 5% for American roulette, on the other hand the blackjack house edge can be as little as 1% and even lower that that) for the best bets. Regardless, knowing the house edge and the true odds versus the payouts of different betting outcomes is essential for any player looking to minimize their risk profile as most of the bets feature over 10% house edge. The more familiar you are with the odds and the numerous different betting outcomes, the more likely it will be that you will eventually be able to structure your gaming in a profitable, successful way.