Sic Bo Odds

Because the risks of Sic Bo in the form of house edge depend on individual bets, it is essential to have a working knowledge of the odds and edge in different bets in order to decide how best to play your game.

Sic Bo HistoryWith the various possibilities in this dice game, there are varying degrees of house edge and payout on offer, and memorizing the pay and odds table below is perhaps a worthwhile thing to do to benefit your game. Some bets are more profitable for the casino than others, and it is up to the individual player to decide on the right balance between risks and potential rewards.

Nevertheless, how do the odds of playing Sic Bo stack up, and which bets represent the best (and worst) value for your money?

Sic Bo Bets and Odds

There are a number of different bets that can be taken in this game, as the tightly packed table layout will testify. These vary wildly in their payouts, probability and house edge statistics, but knowing what these Sic Bo odds are and how they affect your gameplay is imperative for anyone wanting to become successful at playing this game.

Small Numbers BetSmall or Big: payout 1:1, probability 48.6%, house edge 2.7%
Small is a bet on the total of the three dice numbering between 4 and 10. Any total in this bracket pays out at even money, except any triple which loses. This is a high probability bet with the slimmest house edge available, so it usually helps those looking to start small with a low risk profile to turn their attention to small/big bets. ‘Big’ works on the same basis as small, except for numbers between 11 and 17.

Odd/Even: payout 1:1, probability 48.6%, house edge 2.7%
A bet on the total being either odd or even, has the same house edge and probability as Small/Big bets but just uses a different basis for calculating results. This is also therefore a high probability bet with a lower risk profile than most, although the returns on offer are rock bottom in comparison to other available bets.

payout 8:1, probability 7.4%, house edge 33.3%
A bet on any double appearing from the roll of the three dice. This is a bet that is usually best avoided, or best treated as a high payout option, supported by more sustainable bets. The house edge of 33.3% is pretty significant, and there are less risky ways of achieving the same payout – for example an 8/13 bet, which pays out with a greater probability and a slimmer house edge. Most players should avoid double bets.

Any Triple: payout 24:1, probability 2.7%, house edge 30.6%
A bet that the dice will roll up 3 of the same number, without defining a particular number. A good bet as a big money option, this is also a bet with significant house edge a low probability. Not as low probability as the defined triple bet and often a better call for those looking to attract more significant winnings, but a bet that would be expected to appear approximately 1 in 40 times.

Defined Triple: payout 150:1, probability 0.4%, house edge 30%
The big money bet, the defined triple pays out 150:1 (or 180 in some casinos). However, it is incredibly difficult to call and offers a fairly substantial house edge, so it makes sense not to waste too much time chasing after defined triples. Nevertheless, a win on the defined triple can pay for a lot, so some players might decide to take a punt on a defined triple for the big money reward. However with sky high casino edge, this bet is not recommended if you want to play according to the best Sic Bo strategy and maximize your chances of winning.

Any Number:
payout 1, 2, or 3:1, probability 42%, house edge 7.8%
A bet on any number, this has a multiplying affect if the number appears across more than one dice. Any number bets are more probable than other types of bets with a comparatively low house edge, and so often these are a sensible choice for those looking to most effectively structure their Sic Bo betting.

Any Two Numbers: payout 5 or 6:1, probability 13.9%, house edge 16.7% (with 5:1 paount) and 2.78% (6:1 payout)
A bet on any two numbers. If those two numbers appear among the three rolled then it wins. This is an excellent bet especially at Microgaming online casinos and at casinos where it pays 6:1 as it only features 2.78% house advantage.

Any Three Numbers:
payout 30:1, probability 2.7%, house edge 13.9%
This compares reasonably favourably to other big money bets, and players would be better to chose and three numbers than any triple, for example, in terms of the odds of winning and a better payout. A good bet to have alongside more sustainable, more frequent returns options.

A Defined Pair Plus Number:
payout 50:1, probability 1.4%, house edge 29.2%
Quite a high risk bet, this bet requires the player to define a pair that will appear plus an additional number, for a 50:1 payout. It has more than 3 times the chance of coming up that the defined triple, but exactly a third of the payout, making this a more logical bet for players considering a high risk/high return option.

Any Three of Four:
payout 7:1, probability 11.1%, house edge 11.1%
A competitive bet for a mid-level return, any three of four has a low house edge. This bet requires the player to bet on 4 numbers, and pays if any three of those numbers appear. A third of the house edge of a double bet, but comparable payouts and a more probable outcome.

Defined Total Bets

Sic Bo Odds4/17: payout 50:1, probability 13.9%, house edge 29.2%
payout 18:1, probability 2.7%, house edge 47.2%
payout 14:1, probability 4.6%, house edge 30.6%
payout 12:1, probability 6.9%, house edge 9.7%
payout 8:1, probability 9.7%, house edge 12.5%
payout 6:1, probability 11.6%, house edge 19%
payout 6:1, probability 12.5%, house edge 12.5%

Payout means the return you get for a successful bet of this kind, e.g. 8:1 means you receive 8 times the stake (plus the stake amount back) for successful bets.

Probability means the percentage chance of the bet outcome turning up as called – in other words, the likelihood of the bet winning.

House Edge means the in-built edge in favor of the casino, the percentage difference between true odds and payout

As you can see the Sic Bo odds vary a lot and there are really just handful of bets that are worth to make if you would like to minimize your losses in longer period of time.