Sic Bo Strategy

When you compare it to other popular casino games, the edge and the probability of winning with Sic Bo are comparable to most casino games and represent a good deal for players. However, there is most certainly a ‘right way’ and a ‘wrong way’ to play this dice game, in terms of taking into account the odds of different bets, the house edge and the payouts respectively. In order to become a successful player, it seems self-explanatory that you need to minimize the house advantage.Sic Bo Strategy

While Sic Bo is a form of gambling, with its own intrinsic risks and downsides, playing the odds to your favor can help you walk away with more substantial winnings from your play. A large part of this is down to the strategy you employ in your gaming, and the most effective strategies are those that are designed to deliver bigger probability of profit between returns and stakes. There are many different strategies that can be deployed, and different players will be looking for different things from their game. However, by deploying the wrong strategies you can lose more in shorter period of time.

Main Sic Bo Strategies

There are a number of different strategies that can be used to play Sic Bo with less or more success, and they can generally be broken down into two main categories, by the function they perform. Feel free to take these strategies and adapt them to your own style – after all, it is often the individual’s twist that makes a workable strategy dynamite. In order to develop a successful playing approach, you must firstly decide whether you want to structure the odds in your favor (through combination of bets to decrease the casino edge), or whether you want to play to the odds as they lie. The majority of strategies attempt to defeat the casino’s edge, although there are opportunities for those looking to explore simpler strategies to keep their risk profile low.

PayoutsPlaying The Odds As They Lie:
The first classification of strategies make no attempt to combine bets, and simply stick to the odds as they sit on the table layout. But it would be a mistake to assume this means playing with no strategy – these players will often look to stick to low house edge or high probability bets, and will be familiar with the most logical betting structures that can be taken. These strategies are often cheaper and quicker to execute, with less mathematical processing required to establish the right bet. However, players can only make these types of strategies work effectively when they consider the odds and the best possible bets from a risk/reward calculation.

Increasing the Probability of Winning: The arguably larger category of strategy is those that attempt to increase frequency of winning or amount of wins, and aim to create a more certain outcome for the player. These strategies commonly involve bets across multiple different outcomes, with a view to increasing the likelihood of a winning roll. This means that bets come with a higher cost, and therefore a more substantial risk profile for those inevitable rolls that don’t yield a profit. Similar to strategies for roulette, there are ways to combine different bets in order to cover more of the layout. These Sic Bo strategies are not mathematically correct and cannot succeed in longer run.

Players need to make the decision whether to structure their play around frequent, lower returns, or less frequent, larger returns. Often a combination of both – i.e. exposure to even money and low pay positions coupled with a few big money bets can work effectively only in short terms as the big money bets feature high house edge. The best Sic Bo strategy is sticking to bets with lowest house edge which include following:

  • Small (wins on dice total of 4 to 10 excluding triples) – 2.78%
  • Big (wins on dice total of 4 to 10 excluding triples) –  2.78%
  • Odds or Even total (with the exception of three of a kind, this bet is rarely available) – 2.78%
  • Three different number combination (rarely available, usually in Macau) – 2.78%
  • Specific number (payout 1 to 1 for 1 occurrence to 3 to 1 for 3 occurrences) – 7.87%
  • Total of 4 or 17 – 9.72%

All the remaining bets feature house edge over 10% and are not really worth making if you want to maximize your chances of winning in long term. Before deciding on the best strategy for you and your objectives, it’s usually advisable to check out free Sic Bo casinos that allow you to play the game in virtual or demo mode before taking advantage of free real money no deposit bonus offers or making your first deposit. This is always the most effective test bed for your betting strategies, and will help you ascertain what works and what doesn’t before it starts costing you money.

A Word of Warning: Strategies That Cannot Work

A note of caution for the prospective player – there are some strategies that are designed to succeed, and some strategies that are destined to fail. Never be tempted to operate a Martingale type strategy, whereby you double the stake after a losing bet to attempt to cover your losses on the next roll. This type of strategy will lose over time because it relies on there being no house edge – unfortunately, even the most complex strategy has some residual house edge, by definition given the structure of the game. This means Martingale strategies will, with certainty, lose, and given the multiplication factor, these can be expensive losses to stomach.

The key with playing Sic Bo strategically is to know your numbers inside out. It’s all about odds and probability, and the more comfortable you are with these concepts and how they behave in this game, the more likely it is that you will be able to profit over the longer term with a successful, sustainable strategy.