Sic Bo Table Layout

Sic BoOne of the first things to hit any new player before they become familiar with the ins and outs of this game is the layout. The Sic Bo table layout contains all the different betting options available to the player, and because there are so many different bets and each needs its own space for placing chips, the layout can look to be a confusing place. So many boxes, brief text that doesn’t make sense without further explanation and a series of numbers and dice shapes can make the Sic Bo table look difficult to master. However, with an introduction to the basics of how the layout works and what the different bets mean, it can become much easier for the inexperienced player to get to grips with what it all means.

The layout has a fundamental role to play in the course of the game play. Without understanding what the layout means and what the different available options represent, it is impossible to bet (and ideally win) money from your play. So what does the layout all mean, and is it anywhere near as complicated as it might at first appear?

The Layout: Complicated or Not?

The Sic Bo layout looks at first glance like a confused mess of data, and it take some getting used to in order to get to a stage where you instinctively understand the layout and its role in the game. Through immersing yourself in how to play Sic Bo and the terminology, you can quickly get yourself up to speed with the different options and numbers presented on it. Especially after you understand that there are just a few bets worth making considering the casino advantage of most bets is way to high.

Sic Bo TableThe layout is required in every game, not just to remind players of the different bets available, but to allow betting to take place. Sic Bo games are classically very busy, with large numbers of people jostling for space at the table when it comes to placing your bets. These people are jostling for access to the right space on the layout for the bet they wish to place, and it is the layout that displays the winning bets when all is said and done. The layout is essentially the portal through which dealer and player communicate, and so it is actually a central tool to being able to play the game and to turn a profit.

The layout is not nearly as complicated as it looks, and once you understand the different types of bets and possible outcomes, it becomes easy to interpret the various boxes and sections of the layout – in fact, many players prefer using the layout for jogging their memory as to what different bets can deliver.

Layout Explained

Different layouts may appear different graphically, and depending on the version of game rules you are playing you may see a slight variation in the payouts available for certain outcomes. Nevertheless, the layout should tell you what each bet returns and what each betting area on the table covers, so that you can place your bet in the knowledge of what you’re betting on and why.

Arguably the most prominent feature of the Sic Bo layout are the numbers that run across the centre of the table. These are the total bets, which players can take to bet on the total number of the three dice when their rolled values are added. So, for example, players can take a 4 at 50:1 a receive a payout for a 1/1/2 roll, or a 5 for an 18:1 return in any combination adding up to that total. Note that the chips for these bets are literally placed in the numbered section of the table, and you will be responsible for placing your stake as appropriate when bets are called.

Soc Bo Table Layout

Different numbers have different payouts reflective of how rare it will be to roll the corresponding total, and there is also different house edge to contend with – a bet on 7/14 or 8/13 represent the most likely, low house edge single outcomes. However you choose to bet, the single numbers on the layout should each demonstrate the odds and returns of their individual total bet respectively.

Located directly beneath the numbers are the possibilities for two dice combinations, and their odds, and underneath that the single number bets that are available (which can multiply returns by two and three times, depending on whether a double or triple of that number appears.

Perhaps the most densely packed area of the table is the top row, which is bookmarked at either side by the Small and Big bet fields respectively. This area contains the greatest number of betting possibilities, including defined triples and doubles, and is where the majority of the betting action will usually take place.

Betting on a Sic Bo Layout

When it comes to actually playing Sic Bo, each player is responsible for getting to the table and placing their own bets. The protocol is that the dealer will invite bets and players will quickly scramble to lay down their chips as appropriate. While there is ample time, it is customary to try and place bets as quickly as possible to keep the game moving, and invariably the fastest movers can get prime position on the layout for their bet. When the dice have been rolled and the outcome confirmed, the layout will light up to indicate where the winning bets reside, and players will then be responsible for collecting their winnings from the layout as required.